Dayton’s largest city-wide egg hunt is about to go down.

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The Story

With one look around our city, it’s easy to miss all the treasure hidden behind buildings, bridges, and cars. It’s especially easy to miss the treasure hidden behind faces—the stories of people, futures, and dreams just waiting to be unearthed. Through the years, we’ve begun to see sparkles, shimmers of this treasure. As a group of local businesses and non-profits who are dedicated to art, innovation, and any excuse to have a freaking blast, we said, “why not have fun AND make a difference?”

Enter, Lost in The City.  

The Impact

There are thousands of families in the Miami Valley who frequently go multiple days without food, and these conditions are worsened for those living in a food desert. Among these families are children of all ages, and stats show that 1 in 5 kids on our area (34650 kids total) deal with hunger, and often rely on subsidized Dayton Public School lunch programs as a primary source of food, making summer months treacherous for some. In partnership with The Foodbank in Dayton, our mission for this event is to raise money for 27,000 meals for children right here in our city.

The Hunt

Join us April 18-21 for a 3 day, city-wide egg hunt where hundreds of golden eggs are hidden all throughout Downtown Dayton. Within each golden egg is a number that corresponds with a prize. Whether you want to travel in a group to cover more ground, or go solo so you can move quickly, you’ll want to make the best of each moment so you don’t miss your chance to win a car from White Allen, a trip to Disney World, or one of our other grand prizes. Even if you do miss out on one of the big ones—don’t worry—there are dozens of other glamorous give-aways that are still worth the hunt.

The Boundaries

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